The best beaches of Sicily: Sampieri

There are so many beautiful beaches and nice spots in Sicily that hardly any Sicilian has seen them all. Some of them are well known to the general public, some are mostly populated by locals, and some others are often literally deserted.

This is why we want to give you a few suggestions on beches off the beaten path that you can’t absolutely miss. Today we start with the one in Sampieri.

This small town by the sea is the Southeastern region of the island, near some of our most beautiful villas in Sicily and also near the famous baroque towns of Noto, Modica, Ragusa and Scicli. Right from Scicli take the SP40 and head South to the coast to reach the town and then drive along the seaside until you reach an old industrial furnace. That’s Fornace Penna, a fascinating piece of industrial archaeology that gives to this location a unique charme.

sampieri beach fornacepenna

The beach itself is wide and beautiful, protected by dunes of thin golden sand. The perfect place to enjoy a few hours of relax or let kids play around. Then in the evening the landscape becomes unbelievable, with the enchanting sunset on the sea and the silohouette of the furnace on your side.

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