Calatafimi Segesta Festival: history, legend and music

The ancient Greek settlement of Segesta, located in the Calatafimi district, is absolutely one of the most beautiful sights of the whole Western Sicily. Founded by the Elymians, the archaeological park of Segesta houses a very well-preserved Doric temple and, on top of Mt. Barbaro, a wonderful Greek theatre overlooking the typical hill landscape of the countryside of the Trapani province.

Segesta theatre

The ancient Greek theatre of Segesta

The theatre will be a wonderful set for the Calatafimi Segesta Festival, that takes place during the whole month of July: a very interesting calendar whose best characteristic is its plurality. Of course, the festival privileges Greek and Roman dramas and mythology, but it also opens to new, original artists that are able to translate tradition and mythology into new forms and sounds, best appreciated by young people.

If you are staying in one of our villas in San Vito lo Capo, or Erice, Trapani and Castellammare del Golfo, you’ll be able to choose among a wide variety of shows. Concerts, opera, ballet… a high-quality calendar that will not let you down.

But there’s more. On top of all, you really should consider to participate to the so-called “Albe segestane”: actors read beautiful poems at dawn, while the sun rises upon the hilltops of the countryside, and you say hello to a new day in one of the most original ways ever.

Together with the archaeological park, we really recommend a visit to Calatafimi Segesta before the show begins. This ancient Arab hamlet includes among its most beautiful and valuable monuments the Church of Carmine and the Cathedral, while the Western area of the town (the most ancient one) houses the castle, built back in the Thirteenth Century. Do not forget to take some time to walk along the narrow streets of the historic centre, among flowery courtyards and staircases, maybe while tasting a piece of the typical “Cuciddatu” bread!

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