3 most romantic destinations in Sicily for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day 2014 is coming… and if you’re looking for a romantic getaway for a weekend with your significant other, why not choose Sicily? This wonderful land is rich in fascinating destinations that will be perfect to celebrate the day of love. Here is our top 3: choose the one that best suits your idea of “romantic getaway” and come along!

Taormina panorama

The view of Mount Etna from the ancient theatre of Taormina – photo by Berthold Werner – de.wikipedia.org

1. Taormina.
Taormina is probably the most famous destination in Sicily, and it’s not hard to guess why: charming tiny streets with lovely boutiques and glamorous cafés, splendid terraces with stone benches, perfect for enjoying the breath-taking panorama over the Naxos bay and the towering Mount Etna in the background under the shade of a tree… And the wonderful, enchanting atmosphere from the marvellous ancient theatre, the second biggest one in Sicily, especially at sunset: heart-warming shades in the sky and their reflections in the sea are just perfect for sealing your commitment. Don’t forget to take a walk on the beach of Mazzarò and Isolabella, and an excursion to Castelmola, the tiny hamlet perched upon a mountain with a jaw-dropping view of the whole area and the delicious locally-produced almond wine!

Marsala salt pans

Marsala salt pans at sunset, image by Carlo Columba on flickr.com

2. Salt pans seen from Erice.
Salt pans are one of the most famous features and peculiarities of Western Sicily and the province of Trapani: the Stagnone Nature Reserve, near our Marsala holiday rentals, and the Trapani salt pans are absolutely a must-see, and enjoying the colors of sunset reflecting in the water of salt pans studded with tiny lovely ancient windmills is one of the most romantic things you can do in Sicily. And if you watch it from the top of mount Erice, it’ll be even more unforgettable! The little medieval hamlet of Erice is located at 751 meters above sea level, and alongside its lovely narrow streets and stunning castles it offers an astonishing panorama over the whole Western shore. And after you enjoyed such a romantic scenery, you can choose one of the top 5 restaurants in Marsala for a romantic candlelight dinner!

Fount Aretusa, Syracuse

Fount Aretusa with papyrus plants, Syracuse – image by Berthold Werner on it.wikipedia.org

3. Syracuse, land of mythology.
Having been one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia, Syracuse is rich in stunning evidence of the fascinating Greek culture: its archaeological park houses a fantastic amphitheatre as well as other outsanding remainings of the Greek and Roman presence in the area. The island of Ortigia, where the historical centre of the city is set, houses beautiful baroque architecture, but is also a place of legends – some of whiche are just perfect for Valentine’s day. The most famous one is about the Aretusa Fountain: Aretusa was a nymph who asked to the Goddess Artemide to help her stopping Alfeo from courting her. The goddess turned her into water – and this is where the fount Aretusa originated; however, the young Alfeo was so in love that he also asked for the help of the gods and was turned into water as well. From that moment on, the river Alfeo flows into the Ionian sea, thus rejoining the water of the fount again and again. Romantic isn’t it? Check our top 5 must-see in SyracuseAnd happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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