Fest of the bachelors in Terrasini

TerrasiniToday we tell you about the fest of the bachelors in Terrasini, an event exixsting since long time, which involves all citizenship and hundreds of tourists;  you can stay there during the weekend, rent a villa in Sicily, near Terrasini and enjoy the event and the good weather in this month of the year. The undisputed star of the event is the tree. It is a skill of dexterity with which the young bachelor  demonstrates his ability and physical strength to impress the girl he loves and to gain her heart. To do this he will raise a bitter orange tree of  50 Kg weight, keeping it up and balanced with one hand, he will spin it over as long as possible, demonstrating his  strength and virility.

After being cut the tree is appropriately decorated with red handkerchiefs (those used by farmers), coloured ribbons and  bells used for harness. Once dressed, they put the tree on a cart towed by a richly harnessed horse. Then on Sunday,since the early hours of the dawn the bachelors work to finish the tree, ready to receive the blessing of the parish priest. So the tree begins its journey in the streets of the village where, who wants it, can raise the tree by pouring an offer. The windows, the balconies and the terraces are filled with women, children and elderly who desire that at least one tree’s elevation is dedicated to them. The most important one, is the raise done under the girlfriend’s balcony. In the past, the uplift was considered  a statement of love, almost an anticipation of speech among the parents of the two beloved who established the love commitment of their children. In this case, the tree lift was of decisive importance because the good performance of the test could give real admiration from the girl for the performance of the boy.

Initially the fest ended at Sunday lunchtime, but  today the tree’s rise continues in the afternoon in Piazza Duomo with the intervention of judges who, at the end of the competition, award prizes to the winners that are those who could hold the tree up for longer. The clothing of the bachelors  is very typical: they wear costumes, inspired by those of the ancient Sicilians.

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