Le Vie dei Tesori. 10th Edition

Le Vie dei Tesori is a cultural and artistic festival that take place in Palermo since 10 years. 2016 is the 10th birthday of this great event which gives to you the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the main Sicilian town. During 5 weekends of october people can enjoy 90 wonderful artistic places, most of which are not usually open for touristic tours.



The aim of this festival is the discovery of the real heritage of Palermo, that is not only the one that everybody knows, great Arab-Norman churches and Baroque abodes, but above all, that one nobody knows because it’s hidden, sometimes subterranean. This project want to propose to the citizens of Palermo a path of sharing, of re-identification in cultural spaces that would become landmarks of interconnected areas. For the tourists, this project means a unique opportunity to live the experience of an “open-city, in a wide sense: from the aristocratic abodes to the multicultural places that are typical of Palermo of today. Le Vie dei Tesori offers a very original cultural-touristic itinerary, in fact you can enjoy the beauty of Sicilian architecture and at the same time you can live the experience of theatre, literature and history, which are able to convert ruins in fascinating stages.


You can easily take part in the event, with a 2 euro ticket  that allows you to do a guided visit in one of the 90 places of the itinerary. But we recommend you to buy a book of 10 tickets, at the price of 10€, valid to visit ten different places (or 5 if you want to share it with someone). You can also participate in “walkings”, i.e. more than 60 guided tours in the city with different cultural, artistic, historical, or current themes regardind Palermo. The festival has organized also some concerts and many other events, many of these are dedicated also to children. In the last weekend, a final great event is planned: “Unesco White Night”. 9 artistic places, part of Arab-Norman Unesco itinerary, will  be open until midnight with the opportunity to do a guided tour for free.

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