Sciacca artistic Nativity scenes

If you don’t know Sciacca, this could be for you another opportunity to visit it. Sciacca is a sea town near Agrigento, and is also known for the Carnival parade. We suggest you to look our catalogue of Villas to rent in Sciacca to have there a pleasant stay.

Sciacca is known throughout the world as the “city of spas”. Celebrated by Plutarch, Diodorus, Cicero, Pliny, Strabo and Arabic Idrisi, for its mild climate, its monuments, for the exceptional abundance of waters rich with minerals and vapor stoves on Mount Kronio, unique in the world, linked to the myth of Daedalus.


In Christmas period there will be lots of musical events. A great musical entertainment space in the old city center. Within the churche, you will find an interesting path of Nativity scenes, and the Christmas market through the streets of the center, from 8 to 28 December 2016 in the main square.

You can admire an artistic nativity scene inside the former church of Santa Margherita and the monumental Nativity scene in the upper atrium of the municipal buiding. The Nativity scene will be surrounded by an exhibition of ceramic nativity scenes.  In these places you will fl find shows: Piazza Scandaliato, the main square, and the itinerary of the old town center. There will be events in the Church of Santa Margherita and in the various parishes.

There will be many artistic and cultural events, entertainment with Christmas concerts, cabaret, different book presentations and parades that will take place in the city center. The events will take place in the streets and  in the squares of the old town center but also within monuments.

You will find “The itinerary of the Christmas artistic Nativity scenes” exhibition in these churches: San Michele, San Giuseppe, San Pietro, Chiesa del Purgatorio, Circolo dei Marinai d’Italia.

“The Excellence of Sciacca Ceramics” – Permanent exhibition of Ceramics of Sciacca will be at the Upper Atrium of the municipal building.


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