Street Food fest on the Gulf of Castellammare

Have you ever traveled along the Northern coast of Sicily? From Messina to San Vito lo Capo the road gets through maritime hamlets, towns, and the capital of the island, Palermo. A few miles from there, traveling West, you’ll find a small town named Scopello, a few houses built around an ancient baglio on the sea, one of the most fascinating of the area. Nearby, the town of Castellammare, whose name means literally “castle by the sea”, is one of the most lively of the area. Both towns will host in July a Street Food festival, dedicated mostly to fish.

The theme chosen for the fest is indeed “Follow the fish”: you’ll find yourself immersed in a traditional Sicilian atmosphere, the same you can feel in the ancient markets. The flavours you’ll smell here will be the ones of the fishes, fried or raw, coming from the vendors’ stands. But some others typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine will be offered in this gastronomic feast, caponata among the others, a vegetarian recipe with sweet and sour eggplants.

Street Food Fest

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The event will take place in Scopello and Castellammare del Golfo on the first weekend of July. Starting on Friday 4 the Street Food Fish Fest will go on with a packed schedule until Sunday night. Among the many activities there’s a couple we’re sure you will enjoy: a cooking contest where local chefs will be involved in a challenge to create the best fish-based street food; and the cooking classes, opened to anyone who’d like to try, to learn how to treat and fillet the fresh fish. At night, the fascinating Scopello will be a perfect set then for a special cooking show, where international chefs will compete and will be judged by a jury.

There will be time to taste also some of the most famous sweet delicacies of the area and of course the wine: we suggest to try at least one glass of Catarratto, the local wine made from the white DOC vine grown in the area.

Scopello and Castellammare del Golfo are just a couple of the charming towns you’ll have the chance to visit in Northwestern Sicily, so we suggest to take a look to our Sicily Travel Guide to better plan your visit and your itinerary.

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