Our villas in Sicily for 2015. Issue #3: villas with pool

Our refined selection of Sicily villas with pool is our pride: these villas are the most appreciated by our customers. Many ask for a villa facing the sea, maybe just a few steps away from the water, others prefer the calm and relazing atmosphere of a villa in a secluded spot, where you can feel on a holiday without even leaving the house and take a swim whenever you feel like it.

That’s why our catalogue of villas with pool is constantly updated: last year we’ve been traveling across the island to find even more villas that fit our customers’ standards for quality, elegance and style, and we’re pretty satisfied with what we found.

We’re sure you’ll love Villa Lory among the new entries, a charming estate in the North-west, near the historic town of Marsala, featuring a wide Mediterranean garden that encloses a large swimming pool.

And what to say then about Villa Sunrise, with its breath-taking view on the Northern coast? Enjoying it directly from the infinity pool while you’re having a late evening swim is priceless!

Don’t forget though of some of our classics, such as the astonishing Villa SeaTrus, or Villa Signorino framed by tall palm trees and featuring a private tennis court.

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