Our villas in Sicily for 2015. Issue #2: a leap through time

Sicily has a long and complex history. The many populations that inhabited, loved, conquered and reigned over the island have all left a unique and unmistakable mark of their passage. Here you’ll find the largest ancient Greece archaeological park in the whole world, the Roman amphitheatres, the early Christian churches right next to majestic Arab palaces, Norman fortress and Spanish buildings, Baroque masterpieces and Art Nouveau villas.

Sicilian history is what led us to create our historical villas catalogue, dedicated exclusively to villas with a story to tell.

Like Villa The Angels: this elegant luxury villa has been built in the 15th century and is located in Taormina’s countryside. The estate has been renovated keeping intact its original spirit and style. Its terrace and balconies are adorned by beautiful white stone statues, and the surrounding landscape is truly breathtaking. Villas like this were used as summer residence by Sicilian nobles or their famous guests.

Back in 19th century Sicily, and especially the area of Taormina, became one of the favourite destinations for European writers and intellectuals: the most famous is probably J.W. Goethe. Then throughout the 20th century Taormina and its surroundings have been a gathering place for Hollywood and Cinecittà stars.

But this is just a little hint of the unique atmosphere Sicily has to offer, come visit our historical villas catalogue and discover many more exclusive locations!

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