Why you should celebrate your wedding in Sicily

sposi spiaggia os2Sicily is the land of the weddings. Sicilian people consider the wedding day one the most important in their whole life. This is they celebrate it by organizing a real extraordinary event.

Furthermore, every year, always more foreigners choose Sicily to celebrate their love.  Thanks to its history, arts and culture, and obviously to sun, sea, wine and food, this precious island is one of the favourite destinations of the wedding tourism.

Here we tell you only five of the countless reasons why foreigners decide to celebrate their wedding in Sicily.

1. Island means romantic. The fact of being an island represents something special. So, for North Europeans or even Americans, the idea of celebrating their wedding on an island – even if not so small – is very romantic and magic.

2. The beauty of landscapes. Sicily is full of wonderful artistic cities, it represent a twine of cultures, which left a mark passing by this land. At each step, Sicily offers magnificient views , and some kind of beuty is hidden in every corner of the island.

3. The island of the sun. In sicily the sun shines almost every day of the year. So each day is perfect to celebrate a wedding in Sicily. Even in December, in Sicily people use to celebrate their wedding, with a different and magical winter atmosphere.

4.Wine and food. Sicilian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. Fine dining resturation and a prestigious selection of excellent sicilian wines can make your wedding banquet the best you ever had. We suggest you to rent one of the Best Villas in Sicily, to have the perfect location to organize your wedding party.

5. The wedding culture. As we tell you at the beginning of this post, Sicily is the island where the wedding is celebrated by organizing a real great event. A special banquet, live music, attractions, tables fulls of cakes, dessert and confetti (sugared almonds of many different flavours). And at the end of the party…the fireworks!




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