21st Edition Feast of the Easter Lamb of Favata (AG)

This event, which takes place annually during the Easter period, is dedicated to the typical almond sweet pastry stuffed with pistachio, shaped like a lamb. Inside the rooms of the Castle Chiaramonte, visitors can taste this typical sweet of the city of Favara and the typical sweets with almond and pistachio prepared by local bakeries. If you don’t want to miss this local specialty, hurry up to reserve a holiday in Sicily, choosing a Villa in Agrigento for your stay.

chiesa favara

The event organized by the City of Favara, showcases the typical marzipan sweet stuffed with pistachio, that just at Easter time it takes the form of Lamb. This typical sweet has been included in a list that collects the best products of Sicily.  It is a festival that grows and attracts visitors, tourists and journalists, showcasing in addition to the typical sweet,  also the monumental heritage of the city. The marzipan Easter Lamb, is produced in all months of the year with different forms but with the same flavour. The event will include various events of wide interest, in addition to tasting of the traditional sweet,  also exhibitions, folk performances and tasting of local products by the local agri-food businesses will take place.

The festival wants to enhance the local bakery but also the bakers:  Favara is nowadays a destination for breads and sweets. Favara with the Easter Lamb enhances its identity as a hard-working city giving the image of an active city with a vibrant economy, with cultural resources and renovated buildings included in the tourist circuit.

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