The ultimate guide to cooking perfect “panelle siciliane”

The street food tradition in Palermo has been internationally recognised as one of the most delicious and interesting in the world. And considering the huge variety of on-the-go delicacies you can find walking through the ancient markets of the city, this really comes as no surprise. The whole island is actually rich in tasteful street food; alongside typical “arancine”, one of the most famous is “pane e panelle“, bread with fritters made with chickpea flour.

Sicilian bread with panelle

Sicilian bread with panelle, photo from

We are sure you already tasted some during your holiday in our Sicily villas… and we know that you would like to take loads of them with you back home. Well guess what: we can do better then that. We can give you the ultimate recipe of panelle and let you taste one anytime you want, impressing friends and family with this original delight!

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Cold water (1,5 liter)
Salt (1/2 tablespoon)
Parsley (2 1/2 tablespoons)
Oilseed (quantity as required)
Pepper to taste
Chickpea flour (500 grams)
Sesame seed buns (10)
50 plastic plates.


First of all, put cold water in a large pot and then sift chickpea flour in it, then start stiring energically in order to avoid clots – remember: clots must be avoided and cold water is perfect for this purpose. Once you’re done stiring, turn on the heat and start cooking over an average flame.
Remember to keep stiring while the heat is on, otherwise the whole mixture will be glued to the sides of your pot!
Add salt and pepper and keep cooking; once it starts boiling, keep the heat on for about 10-12 minutes and don’t stop stiring. If you see any clot, make sure to break in – even by using an electric mixer.
Once you’ve turned off the heat, add parsley and cover the mixture with plastic wrap in order to keep it warm. Then start taking about 30-40 grams of mixture with a spoon and quickly spread it on the back of the plastic plates. You should come up with a little 2-3-millimeter-size disk.
Let the “disks” dry until you’re able to easily tear them off the plate (it should take about 30 minutes). Then start warming up the seedoil in a pan and fry the panelle for a few minutes. When both sides will start to glide, take them away from the pan and put them on a plate covered with blotting paper.

Not hard, is it? There’s only one thing left: cut the sesame seed buns and stuff them with 4-5 panelle, and don’t forget that panelle siciliane are best tasted warm!

Buon appetito!

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  1. Francine Fermaint

    My Grandparents were from Sicily and this was one of our favorite meals when we visited Grandma and Grandpa on the weekends. Those were the days!!!! What MEMORIES!


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