3 Sicilian beach-life habits you are not used to, but you’ll start to love

When it comes to beach life, you’ll discover that Sicilian people have some habits that you will probably see only in this beautiful corner of the world. The inhabitants of this island are worldwide known for the peculiar traits of their culture, and some of these can be observed even while you are sun-bathing on a sandy beach or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Crowded Mondello beach

An overcrowded Mondello beach, near Palermo – foto Lannino

– Huge home-style packed lunch

We already told you that food culture is capital in Sicily. Sicilians always want to eat a proper huge lunch during non-working days… Even if they are at the beach! So as you reach the seaside from your Sicily beach villa with just a sandwich or a few fruits to freshen up when the sun reaches its peak, you’ll find local people carrying loads of lunch boxes and portable refrigerators containing all the delicacies you can imagine! From “pasta al forno” to fish salad, from arancine to crocchè (potato croquettes), from bruschetta to cannoli and cassata, you’ll see them carry out loads and loads of homemade food from their boxes! And as you wonder how they can possibily eat so much under a 40-degrees sun, the flavor of their lunch will reach you and you’ll start considering to beg for a piece of cassata. We warn you: you’ll end up sitting with a numerous group of loud Sicilians that will not stop offering you food until the size of your stomach will make it compulsory to put your t-shirt back on…

– Comfort is everything

We all know that going to the beach is wonderful because you just need a beach towel, maybe a beach umbrella for the hottest months of the year, and that’s it. Well, in Sicily a lot of people don’t think the same. This is why you’ll happen to see entire groups of people carrying chairs, sunbeds and beach chairs, beach umbrellas and tents (yes, tents!), and of course loads of beach towels and wickers. This habit is of course strictly connected with the one we mentioned above – hence the presence of folding tables, tablecloths and cutlery. We could say that some Sicilians like to make their own home wherever they go ;-)

– Coconuts and watermelons are fine, but fried donuts are better

This peculiar habit is more likely to be observed in the North-Western area of Sicily, especially in the Palermo district, where fried food is particularly loved. You are probably familiar with seeing men walking along the beach screaming and selling watermelon, coconuts and pineapple… Well, be prepared: in some beaches, you may find men selling fried donuts – and with a considerable success! The choice is yours: you can stick to the classic refreshing fruit or try the local way. Our hint: fried donuts are really delicious… ;-)


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