Tripadvisor users and CNN glorify the Rabbits’ beach in Lampedusa

A few months ago the Rabbits’ beach (spiaggia dei conigli) in Lampedusa had been awarded most beautiful beach in the whole world by millions of users of the biggest travel online community, Tripadvisor (we are talking about the famous “Traveller’s choice” awards 2013); and a few days ago the American broadcast company CNN has listed the most charming beaches worldwide, ranking Rabbits’ beach at numer two, right after the Grande Anse Beach in St. Lucia.

Rabbits' beach, Lampedusa

Rabbits’ beach and Rabbits’ island in Lampedusa

Well, if you’ve been there you can easily understand why. And if you’ve never been there, what are you waiting for? You’re missing a true paradise. The Rabbits’ beach, with the little Rabbits’ island right in front of it, is a pure white sandy beach with an astonishingly crystal-clear water. The sea is so clean and clear that you’ll be able to see little fishes swimming just next to your feet! The beach is located in the Southern coast of Lampedusa, the southernmost island in Europe – it is closer to the African coasts than it is to the Sicilian ones.

This tiny little island in the middle of the Mediterranean has a very ancient history: it’s been a strategic basis and a bridge from Africa to Europe for the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and more. One of the most beloved touristic destinations in the world, Lampedusa is part of the Pelagie Archipelago (together with Lampione and Linosa), and the whole area is a Nature Reserve: dolphins are common inhabitants of the sea around the island and, if you’re lucky enough, you might even spot fin whales!

And there’s more: the Rabbits’ island is one of the few spots in the whole Mediterranean area left where the Loggerhead Sea Turtle lays its eggs, so if you come to the island during the right periodo of the year you’ll even be able to observe the unique show of the little turtles finding their way to the sea.

The whole island is rich in wonderful beaches (in the Southern coast), cliffs and deep gorges (in the Northern coast), and the places to discover are really a lot, in spite of the small sizes of the island… Lampedusa is a real treasure, and we are really happy to know that it keeps on being awarded for its beauty and charm!

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