Holy week and Easter in Sicily

Sicily is famous for various reasons, landscape, beaches and obviously our beautiful mount Etna that watches over the east of the island. Furthermore, depending on the time of the year you visit Sicily, you can find something special and unique, such as the preparations for the Holy week and Easter in Spring.

Easter in Sicily is one of the most important festivity of the year, a religious celebration that show the Passion, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In every city and villages of the island, thanks to the incredible participation of the people, it is possible assist to unique events, characterized by local traditions that go back to ancient times. These traditions deriving by the Spanish or Arabic domination and often the reasons and motivation of these are lost in time.

The processions that go through the streets of the cities are formed by confraternities of arts and crafts in their ancient traditional costumes, followed by the clergy, as well as the statues of Jesus dying, his mother in pain and other characters surrounding the Passion of Christ.

Take place on Easter Sunday the old (250 years) representation of the “Diavolata” di Adrano (CT). A theatre representation of the Hell, where Lucifer and the Death will fight against all Humanity and the Archangel Michael.

The Devil himself will give you a hot welcome.


Picture Diavolata Adrano

Diavolata Adrano (CT)

Foto tratta dal sito webalice

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