The 36° edition of “Flower festival in Noto” – Homage to Catalonia

The Flower Festival of Noto is one of the most famous events of Sicilian spring. From May 15th to May 17th the flower festival is a celebration of spring “Primavera Barocca” (“Baroque Spring”) and every years millions of visitors go to Noto to see this colorful and flavored event.

Every year the flower artist given a specific topic, this year for the 36° edition of the demonstration they decide to homage the event to Catalonia. Spain and Sicily have to much in common: cultures, traditions and arts.

Via Nicolaci during this event is really magic thanks to the flowering carpet created by the best flower artist in all Sicily and not only! During “Flower festival in Noto” you can also watch the parade Baroque and other rare and wonderful event. If you want to spend your holiday in our Villas in Noto, this is the perfect period. Noto is the capital of Baroque in Sicily it’s an elegant and beautiful city.

Infiorata di Noto

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