Pistachio Festival 2013 in Bronte: celebrating the green gold of Sicily

If you go to a Sicilian restaurant and pay attention to the menu, you’ll be able to find it in any course: from appetizers to dessert, pistachio is one of the most traditional and important ingredients in Sicilian cuisine. Therefore, an event celebrating the “green gold” of the island (DOP certificated by the European Union and Ark of Taste food) is certainly well deserved!

2013 pistachio festival in Bronte - poster

Pistachio festival in Bronte, image from idolcisaporidelletna.it

The Pistachio Festival 2013 takes place in Bronte, the “capital of pistachio” in Sicily: a lovely town set in the Park of Mt. Etna, in the province of Catania, one of those ancient typical villages of the Sicilian countryside where time slows down to a different pace – more human, more quiet and enjoyable. Pistachios grow particularly well on the flanks of the volcano, thanks to its fertile and prosperous lava terrain: this is why agriculture is a very important part of the economy of the city and of the whole area.

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The event starts tomorrow and lasts the whole weekend, while a second celebration will take place next week – from October 4th to October 6th. If you are staying in our Catania villas this will be the best way to discover all the mouth-drying delicacies of Sicilian cuisine, including pistachios!

Bronte green pistachios

Bronte pistachios – Image from opinionsicilia.it

Main features of this celebration include food tasting: products like Pistachio creams and pasta seasonings, desserts, ice creams, biscuits and other pastry products will be found in the numerous picturesque shops of the town, as well as on the stands of local producers. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy handicrafts fairs, and to attend to artistic exhibits and live concerts. And then street art, folkloristic shows, entertainment for kids… a lot to see, and a lot to taste!

Do not forget to bring home some pistachio local products with you: genuine, delicious seasonings for pasta (such as the famous “pesto di pistacchi“) or excellent treats (such as pistachio-flavored chocolate). And then keep following our blog: we’ll be posting a few pistachio-based recipes to help you using your souvenirs at best! ;-)

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