5 restaurants to discover the soul of Sicily

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind thinking of Sicily? For some of you it could be “beach”, but we guess the most of you thought about food. Sicilian cooking tradition is famous all over the world thanks to its unmistakable style and its strong taste. For Sicilians food is a religion: if you’ve already been on the island before you’ll notice it immediately. There’s no way people here would just “stop and grab a bite” of something, therefore you won’t easily find diners or fast-foods around the towns, you’ll more likely stop by restaurants and trattorie for lunch or dinner. So we want to give you some advice on where to go and what to eat.

Some of the following restaurants have one or two Michelin stars, others are traditional trattorie, both offer the chance to try the most typical dishes of this land and discover its most authentic flavours.

1. Ferro di Cavallo, Palermo, Via Venezia 20

We start from the capital, Palermo. During the day you can try one of the delicious street foods while roaming around the alleys of the old town; here you’ll notice a lot of little pubs and taverns, mind though, there’s the chance you’ll end up in one of those “typical” italian restaurants created specifically for tourists. If you want to try an authentic Sicilian trattoria you have to go in Piazza Venezia, right in front of the entrance of the historic Vucciria Market: here you’ll find “Ferro di Cavallo” a traditional trattoria where you can try some of the most famous dishes of local cooking tradition. Try the swordfish rolls, you won’t regret it

2. La Madia, Licata, Corso Re Capriata F. 22

We get on the Southern coast, to Licata, here’s a place every gourmet should visit at least once: we’re talking about “La Madia”. The restaurant is leaded by chef Pino Cuttaia and have earned two Michelin stars, thanks to its menu made of traditional local ingredients mixed to create incredibly tasty and elegant dishes. Try a Perlina eggplant cannolo in its crust and as second course the Black Pork from Nebrodi Mountains slightly smoked.

A traditional Pasta with tuna created by chef Ciccio Sultano. source: cicciosultano.it

A traditional Pasta with tuna created by chef Ciccio Sultano. source: cicciosultano.it

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3. Duomo, Ragusa Ibla, Via Bocchieri 31

“Duomo” is probably the most famous restaurant in Sicily and one of the most expensive as well. We assure you that the food is worth the price. The menu created by chef Ciccio Sultano is a perfect ix of tradition and innovation, and granted Duomo two Michelin stars. The ingredients come mostly from Ragusa’s province: you have to try the gnocchi with Ragusano Dop cheese
 and meatballs of cuttlefish and pork, or the peculiar clams and mussels
and Carbonara sauce.

4. U Locale, Buccheri, Via Dusmet 14

Buccheri is a little charming town in the province of Siracusa and it hosts one of the restaurants we love. It’s actually a little trattoria, perfect for the ones who want to try some old traditional dish. Be prepared though: you have to be open minded to try some of the specialties they serve here. The best dish and of course the one you should try is the Lamb tongue. If that’s not for you, try pasta with Sicilian pesto.

5. Locanda Gulfi, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Contrada Patria

Surrounded by the wonderful countryside of Southeastern Sicily, Locanda Gulfi is a luxury masseria part of one of the most famous wine brands in Sicily. Here an elegant restaurants is available for both the guests of the masseria and also regular customers. During the dinner the sommelier will offer you a selection of Gulfi wines to accompany every dish, a chance that wine lovers cannot miss.

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