Top 5 restaurants in Marsala according to Tripadvisor

Sicily: a land of wonders, ancient history… and delicious local food! Most of our Sicily villas’ guests often tell us that their holiday must include a taste of the most typical delicacies, and we completely agree. But how to choose the best place to enjoy the flavoursome local cuisine without risking to fall into a tourist trap? Well, relying on the experience of other travellers as well as locals is a great idea: this is why we decided to dedicate this post to our Marsala holiday rentals guests looking for the best restaurants in this lovely ancient city in Western Sicily. Let’s see what the Tripadvisor community says about food experience in Marsala!

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Genovesi alla crema

Genovesi alla crema sweets

1 – Pasticceria Dolce Tentazione.
Ah, Sicilian desserts and sweets! In an island that has had its own Baroque style, even cakes and sweets have a peculiar “baroque” style – colourful and lavish decorations and, of course, absolutely delicious flavours, which is why we are not surprised at all to find a patisserie on the first place. Together with cannoli (try the extra-size ones: they’re bigger but they don’t lose a bit of their deliciousness) and other delicacies, the top product of the Pasticceria is the “Genovese alla crema“, short crust pastry stuffed with delicious lemon custard, with a sprinkle of icing sugar on top. Best tasted warm, these mouth-drying sweets are typical of Erice… But the ones from Dolce Tentazione are really yummy as well!

2 – San Lorenzo Osteria.
Located in the heart of the historical centre of Marsala, this lovely “osteria” is most appreciated for its fish-based recipes, all following the Sicilian tradition. Fish is fresh and really delicious, and you have the chance to choose the buffet option at lunch; moreover, the restaurant is set in front of a pretty little square and offers an outside area, perfect both for lunch and dinner during summer. Fried calamari is one of the most famous courses of the restaurant, and don’t miss a taste of locally-produced olive oil!

Fish couscous

Fish couscous, imagine from

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3 – Ristorantino via Vaccari 6.
This pretty restaurant is also set in the heart of the historical centre, in a tiny alley not far from the beautiful baroque Cathedral of Marsala: a beautiful setting for a classy restaurant indeed. The owner always welcomes its guests cheerfully and is happy to advise them on the freshest fish to taste or the best wine to match with a specific course; cure for details is paramount here, together with a wide choice in a menu that will be suitable for vegetarians as well. Try the famous red tuna from Favignana: we’re sure it won’t let you down at all!

4 – Le Lumie Ristorante.
This restaurant is located in Contrada Fontanelle, among the pleasant hills just behind the wonderful landscapes of the Stagnone salt-pans Nature Reserve (which can be enjoyed right from your table!), and surrounded by a verdant vegetable garden where most of the products used for the recipes is grown. Le Lumie has been often reviewed and appreciated by plenty of cooking critics and magazines, and it’s not hard to guess why: courses are just as delicious as they look like – if not more! From the beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking Marsala, the salt pans and the sea, you’ll be able to taste delicious fish-based courses including the legendary fish cous cous, the most famous recipe of the Trapani province. Perfect for romantic dinners!

Petrosino beach

Beach in Petrosino, photo by Mariella Oliva on

5 – A due passi dal mare (Petrosino).
“Two steps from the sea”, as the name suggests: this restaurant is located on the seaside promenade in Petrosino, a tiny seaside suburb of Marsala, famous for its large sandy beach. Fresh fish is the top choice here too; chef Francesco Gallo comes from Neaples and has a long top-quality experience – his recipes follow the typical Mediterranean tradition, and exclusive courses are not to be missed, from oysters to lobster. Plus, the setting is quite romantic, especially at night!

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