Why Google has chosen Selinunte for its exclusive party

There are a few places in the world that have the power to create a majestic atmosphere, and the Temple of Hera in Selinunte is surely one of them. This is what Larry Page and Sergey Brin must have thought back when they decided to throw an exclusive party right by one of the most beautiful greek temples of Sicily.

A few days ago indeed Google held a great party on the island, right inside Selinunte archaeological park. For one night Western Sicily was the centre of the world: the two founders of the Big G welcomed their guests and guided them across the doric columns of the ruins, among them David Beckham and Bill Gates, along with asian tycoons, and italian celebrities.

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The reason Google chose Selinunte is so simple and yet inexplicable: the charme of the Temple of Hera is not easy to describe, it’s a feeling you get only climbing its steps and walking along its aisle. If you haven’t been there yourself it won’t be easy to understand, but we hope you’ll have the chance to visit it soon enough. Furthermore, thanks to Google’s intervention, the lighting system of the temple has been completely renovated, and the park now offers a breathtaking view at night.

The archaeological park of Selinunte surely provided asuggestive setting for Google’s party, but its beauty is for everyone to enjoy: the park is part of UNESCO World Heritage and is the largest in Europe, including the one of Athens; its Acropolis is an ancient metropolis rising on a limestone plateau overlooking the sea: one of the most beautiful views Italy has to offer.

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