Top 5 attractions in Trapani according to Tripadvisor users

If you are about to book your holiday in one of our Western villas in Sicily, you probably already know that the largest city nearby is Trapani, the capital of the westernmost province of the island. And if you’re looking for true piece of advice about what you really shouldn’t miss from the city once you’re here, who else will provide you better suggestions than other travellers just like you? This is why we chose to rely on the users of Tripadvisor, world-famous travelling portal nowadays.

So here you are, the top 5 attractions and to-dos in Trapani according to Tripadvisor!

Trapani salt pans

Salt pans in Trapani – photo via

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1. Trapani and Paceco salt pans Nature Reserve: the beautiful landscape you can enjoy from the salt pans is just amazing – their first position comes as no surprise. These centuries-old “saline” are still in use nowadays, and the peculiar environment and little eco-system that originated from this site has become the perfect house for plenty of rare migratory birds, which is why salt pans have become a Nature Reserve, also safeguarded by WWF. Best time to join: sunset indeed! The shades of sunset reflecting on the water of “saline” create an enchanting atmosphere that is really hard to forget.

2. Church of the Purgatory (Chiesa delle Anime del Purgatorio): located on via San Francesco D’Assisi, in the historical centre of the city, this is the church that houses the twenty “Misteri”, the refined invaluable sculptural groups that are carried around the city during the world-famous Procession of Misteri that takes place every year on Good Friday. Most visited for a visit to these wonderful statues, the church was built during the 17th Century and is a fine example of elegant but not too lavish baroque architecture.

3. Bastione Conca seaside promenade: the city of Trapani is famous for its peculiar position, as it is placed on a tiny strip of land that reaches out the embrace of two seas (the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian). The tiny scenic houses of the historical centre look out onto the sea, and at the end of Via Dante a lovely seaside promenade starts: the view is really delightful and the atmosphere is pretty antique and picturesque. Enjoy a stroll along this pretty venue while tasting some delicious gelato!

Pepoli Museum, Trapani

Museo Pepoli in Trapani, photo via Dedda71 on Wikipedia

4. Museo Regionale A. Pepoli: this is one of the most important museums in Sicily. Born during the early 20th Century, it was founded inside an ancient convent and houses, nowadays, an inestimable collection of figurative arts including beautiful statues by Antonello Gagini, sculptures made of coral and silver, as well as an art gallery displaying fascinating paintings by great artists such as Tiziano and G. Balla.

5. Outside the city: Erice. The actual first of this list is covered by a destination that does not lie in the city of Trapani. Erice, the lovely Medieval hamlet located on top of Mount Erice overlooking Trapani and the sea, is actually the most appreciated destination, and is just 15-20 minutes far from the city centre by car – but it can also be reached via cableway leaving from Trapani. The atmosphere up there is exclusive indeed: the narrow alleys of the town sided by lovely ancient houses, the pretty squares of cobblestone surrounded by elegant and picturesque cafés, and of course the oustanding panorama from the points of observation set near the towering Venere Castle. A must!

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