Acireale Carnival 2014: ready to be amazed?

Master craftsmen have been working hard all year to realise outstanding floats. International folk bands are about to reach the city. Typical “chiacchiere” sweets appear in almost every bakery. The Acireale Carnival 2014 is coming: from Saturday Feb. 15th to Tuesday March 4th, one of the most astonishing Carnivals in Italy will attract thousands and thousands of visitors from all over Italy and beyond, with its marvellous allegorical carnival floats and entertaining live shows.

Carnival float in Acireale

One of the fantastic allegorical carnival floats at night – image via wikipedia by Sailko

Huge parades of allegorical and floreal carnival floats are scheduled alongside with folk group shows and concerts: the lovely streets of the fascinating baroque historical centre of Acireale will be overwhelmed with colors, lights, satyrical figures and – of course – huge crowds. Guests of our villas in Catania must not miss this sensational event at all!

If you are looking for more details about the history and the character of the event we recommend you visit our Sicily travel guide (Carnival in Acireale) to learn more; meanwhile, here is the programme!

Saturday, Feb. 15th: a huge inaugural parade throughout the whole city at 5pm, while at 6pm the city keys will be handed to “Re Burlone” (King Fool). A live show is scheduled from 8:30pm.

Sunday, Feb. 16th: a beautiful exhibit of carnival floats will be set in the streets of the historical centre from midday. At 4pm an allegorical floats parade will take place together with folk group shows. Live shows from 9pm.

Sunday, Feb. 23rd: from 11am the charming Piazza Duomo will be the set of an exhibit of allegorical floats, and another parade with floats and folk groups will take place at 4pm. Live shows at night in Piazza Duomo, from 9pm.

Thursday, Feb. 27th: another float parade at 4pm, concerts and live shows at 9pm in Piazza Duomo.

Saturday, March 1st: parade of allegorical and floral floats with folk and comic bands, at 4pm; live shows in Piazza Duomo at night.

Sunday, March 2nd: allegorical floats parade and floral floats exhibits in Piazza Europa at 11am; a parade will follow at 3:30pm. Again, entertainment and live shows at 9pm.

Monday, March 3rd: folk and comic groups will join the allegorical floats parade at 5pm and live shows will follow at 9pm in Piazza Duomo.

Tuesday, March 4th: allegorical carnival floats exhibit at midday, final floral and allegorical float parade (with folk groups) at 4pm; at night, in Piazza Duomo, the award ceremony with fireworks will put an and to this fantastic, lively and colourful event.

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