Summer Carnival at Acireale, Catania

Sicily is the place where you can go skiing in the morning and sail the sea in the afternoon, a land where every visitor must be ready to be amazed every day. And it’s an island where Carnival can be enjoyed during summer too! So if you are staying in one of our holiday villas in Catania during the first days of August, remember that you’ll be able to see one of the most beautiful and famous Italian Carnivals, that exceptionally takes place twice a year – one during winter and one during summer: welcome to the Carnival of Acireale!

Carnival of Acireale

A float at the 2006 edition of the Carnival of Acireale

Extraordinary floats and costumes, all hand-made and beautifully decorated by experts, typical Sicilian carts with festive decorations, folkloristic bands and so much more: these are the main features of this spectacular event that will take place in the historic centre of this charming baroque city in the province of Catania, on August 3rd and 4th.

The Summer edition of the Carnival of Acireale is actually an exciting synthesis of the most beautiful floats and costumes of the former winter edition, that takes place from January to February and whose tradition dates back at least to the Sixteenth Century. The historic centre of the city will be animated by plenty of folkloristic groups, storytellers, music bands, artistic exhibits and hand-crafted products display, as well as typical Sicilian “Opera dei pupi” shows. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to find typical local food and to taste some of the delicacies of local patisseries!


Piazza del Duomo, Acireale

Piazza del Duomo in Acireale, photo by Sailko on Wikipedia

As you walk around the beautiful baroque centre of Acireale, between a float and a folkloristic show, take your time to visit some of the most charming wonders of the city: the Piazza del Duomo is famous for its beautiful visual impact (thanks to the geometric patterns of its floor) and for its elegant buildings – the baroque Cathedral, first built during the Fifteenth Century, the Basil of St. Peter and Paul, with a stunning baroque prospect and important pieces of art inside, and the town hall with its amazing “mascheroni”, huge decorated shelves holding up the balconies.

And then, as you walk along the streets of the historic centre, between colorful floats and elegant buildings, do not forget to taste the typical “granita“, a Sicilian tradition that the inhabitants of Acireale particularly love, as the birth of this refreshing dessert is said to have taken place right here!

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