Winter holidays in Sicily: looking at the sea while skiing on a volcano

When we tell you that Sicily is the perfect destination, no matter what your ideal holiday is, we really mean it. And if you enjoy winter sports, you should definitely know that Winter holidays in Sicily are not just about visiting beautiful nativity scenes or tasting local flavoursome specialties: skiing in Sicily is actually a very thrilling experience… and after a day at the ski slopes, you can go and take a stroll on the beach!

Piano Battaglia, Sicily

Skiing in Piano Battaglia, Sicily – image from

If you are staying in our Western Sicily villas you can go skiing at Piano Battaglia, a ski resort set in the Madonie mountains at 1600 meters above sea level. Seven ski runs are available, and the whole area is absolutely beautiful: you’ll have the chance to practice your favourite winter sport while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding environment. The whole area of the Madonie mountains is really interesting and rich in pretty villages and natural sites: if you love being in contact with wild and unspoilt nature, we recommend you join one of the daily excursions starting from Piano Battaglia. Don’t miss a taste of local typical products: the wines from Castelbuono, cold cuts, provola and caciotta cheese, honey and olive oil.

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But Piano Battaglia is not the only ski resort in Sicily. Have you ever wondered how it would be like to ski on the slopes of an active volcano?

Skiing on Mt. Etna

Skiing on Mount Etna, photo by Benedetto Albo from

Skiing on Mount Etna is an exciting adventure. The black of the lava stone stands out surrounded by the shiny white snow, and as you slide along the ski runs of the volcano you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama: the mountains surrounding Mt. Etna and the turquoise Ionian sea, right in front of you. Looking at the sea while skiing on a volcano: it’s possible!

Two ski resorts are available on Mount Etna, one in Nicolosi on the southern side of the volcano and one in Linguaglossa, on the northern side. The first one rises at 1910 meters above sea level and is also the starting point for excursions towards the top craters of the volcano, while the latter offers the most memobrable experience: surrounded by a pine forest, it really looks like an alpine destination, but as you turn around and look at the panorama… there it is: the dazzling waters of the Ionian sea reflecting the sunlight.

If you go skiing on Etna you can’t miss a visit to the top of the volcano or to the surrounding area, rich in wonderful naturalistic sites and pretty towns you can visit with the Etna railway . The soil is very fertile all over the volcano, therefore local products are particularly tasteful: from wines to olive oil, honey, pistachios and almonds, we recommend you treat yourself with the most typical local delicacies!

What would you like to do during your Winter holidays in Sicily? Tell us in the comments!

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