Qasba and avant-garde: discover Farm cultural park

Favara is not a tourist destination. You won’t find this little town in the province of Agrigento on a guide, and there are some good reasons for it: the town is mainly made of “modern” buildings, some of them left unfinished, it’s crowded and has almost nothing to offer to its visitors. Almost.

There’s something though, something unique, hidden in the heart of Favara, among the alleys of its old town and shaded by its crumbling abandoned buildings. We’re talking about Farm Cultural Park, one unusual place that have changed the rules and, over the last few years, made of Favara a true touchstone for contemporary art.

Farm Cultural Park

The “farm” is actually an old Qasba, a medieval Arab citadel made of little yards connected by alleys, here since 2010 Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva, founders of the park, have invited many international artists who contributed with their work to the creation of what we could call a museum en plain air. Yes, because everything inside Farm is a work of art, starting with the walls of the buildings, covered by wonderful murals, the artistic installations you’ll admire walking across the yards, and then of course the works on show inside. The park is also a home for artists who can stay there, get to know each other and work on projects together.

If you’ve chosen one of our villas in the area for this November you should absolutely pay a visit, especially if you have the chance to go on November 16, when “The Second Life” will take place. The event is both an exhibition and a sale of vintage handicraft.

The Second Life market/exhibition will come back on December 7 and 21. Keep checking our blog for updates!


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