3 tips you should follow to make the best of your Sicilian holiday

Even if you’ve never been there, you probably already know you wouldn’t have enough time to discover all the wonders of Sicily even if your holiday lasted a year. This is why you need to make the best out of it during your stay – no pressure of course, a holiday is a holiday! And after all, it’s not the amount of time you spend in a place that makes your stay unforgettable – it’s the quality.

Terrasini western Sicily

The seashore of Terrasini, western Sicily – photo by B. J. Scheuvens

This is why we came up with a few tips for you to follow: we promise they’ll help you experience the most authentic and genuine soul of this stunning island.

1. Plan in advance, even if you’re an adventurer.
Sicily is wonderful and charming, but it has some flaws in terms of services, especially when it comes to public transport: sometimes you’ll find it hard just to gather information about timetables and routes. So unless you decide to rent a car or you’re staying next to the airport (which we seriously doubt), you’ll need to start planning your trips earlier, choose the routes and even the proper airport.
Sounds banal to you? Don’t forget that taking the time to do some planning earlier will reduce the waste of your holiday time (which is short and very precious).

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2. Go off the beaten track.
Sometimes, the most hidden spots are the most beautiful. Sure, the most famous landmarks of the island are definitely worth their reputation, but you have to know that even the tiniest village of the countryside has something interesting to offer – be it a lovely panorama, a delightful typical recipe, a tiny but splendid little Baroque church or a natural reserve with a large variety of rare flora and fauna.
So yes, do visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and/or the Cathedral of Palermo, but save some time to explore secluded beaches, landmarks and monuments – the pleasure of discovering a hidden treasure will definitely be worth it.

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3. Talk to locals.
Sicilian people are really proud of their homeland and always happy to talk about it. Their care for guests is legendary and their cheerful attitude will make you feel at home in just a second. Don’t miss the chance to discover more about the island by talking to its inhabitants! Be it the waiter serving your food, the fisherman selling the day’s catch, a bus driver – you’ll see that they’ll do literally all they can to provide you with information, details, recipes, best places to visit and more. If they don’t speak your language, they’ll probably go around looking for someone who does… or just walk you to your destination.

Don’t forget that our Sicily villas staff is always there to provide you with even more tips and information to live the most memorable holiday, and if you have any other useful piece of advice for other travellers go ahead and share it in the comments!

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